Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The NCC: My Favourite Politicians Part 2

Posted by Jim Guirguis
I implore you to examine the evidence before you. The good Doctor maintained that all of this service was done with a theological foundation, but don't groups such as amnesty, and greenpeace also do these types of services without that same foundation? If what truly seperates the NCC is Christ or theology, then as principled human beings we should never make exceptions. The stance of the NCC to avoid an official opinion on gay marriage, and abortion can be seen as nothing less than cowardly. This seems like the shameless attempt of lobbyists masquerading as church communities. If we say that it is alright to look past certain differences, such as abortion (44 million U.S. lives since 1973) in the hopes of working together for common social causes, then we should have absolutely no problem excusing our government for going to war even though they are achieving so much in terms of economic and social development at much less of a human cost. (27,000 Iraqi, and 2,500 U.S. lives) Let's get real, judgement is coming. To conveniently proclaim only half of the gospel is to proclaim none of the gospel.

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